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There is practically no info on this dinosaur. Dinosaur, because some time ago the project died and just a few archives of the system remain scattered across the net. There is practically no documentation. SupportLogic is (was) intended to be a support ticket system. As I described in the installation article below, the most stable release has a broken login that needs to be fixed if the system is to be used. SupportLogic needs a web server supporting PHP extension and needs an MySQL database.


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If somehow you've managed to get your hands on a SupportLogic copy (the project is closed and it's a very rare item these days), you'll have to battle the install and the broken login system. This article covers only the install. This is the configuration screen. The first 5 settings are better to be left alone. Then comes the script path (the full path from the root) and URL (the URL used to enter the system). Next it's the database server field (usually "localhost" without the quotes), database user name, database user's password, and a database name to store the tables (note that support logic doesn't put prefixes in it's table names so it's best to put in a separate database). Next comes starting ticket id (not required, 1 recomended), allowed HTML tags (the ones i supplied are recommended), default language, e-mail alert (on/off), e-mail account to send notification e-mails, "send e-mails via" setting (in my case it was best to use PHP's mail() function, but it's mail server dependant), "send account creation via e-mail pipe" (I don't know what this is so I'll leave it as it is), and the last three fields are Administrator account name, administrator password and administrator e-mail.
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Now follow the steps in the list you see.
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Congratulations, your supportLogic system is now installed. Now, if you're not a web-developer (PHP developer), hire one to fix the broken login, I think there's a problems with the cookies :P


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