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PHP-Fusion is an open-source CMS (management system), written and developed by Nick Jones. Based on PHP and MySQL, it uses the speed and power of those two platforms. The most used and fully stable version is v6.01.15. PHP-Fusion has the following major features: News, Articles, Forums, Photogallery, Web Links, Downloads, Polls, Shoutbox, PM, Search and Themes. Since 2006, PHP-Fusion has support forums not only in English, but also in Denmark, Italy and Hungary. PHP-Fusion 6 is supplied under the terms of the GNU/GPL license.


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This is the first screen of the PHP-Fusion installation. At the top you can pick a language. In the form bellow you should enter database host ( localhost in most cases), database username, database user's password, database to store the tables and table prefix (it's recommended to have one).
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Database and it's config have been written successfully and now it's time to setup the super admin login. Set an username and set a really secure password. Also give an e-mail for user contact.
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The installation is now completed. However you should do as the note says and delete setup.php and chmod config.php to 644 (make it read-only).
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This is how your newly installed php-fusion should look like. Login and go to the admin panel, puts some news and other content on the site and you're good to go.


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